Yeti 4 Lb. Ice

Yeti 4 Lb. Ice

Yeti 4 Lb. Ice Make your YETI cooler‚„s ice even colder. Designed to improve ice retention, the YETI ICE features a shatter-resistant, customizable design suited to larger coolers. Use it alone as an ice substitute to keep food and drink cool, or add it to your existing supply to help the ice stay colder for longer. . Made out of high-density polyethylene with food-grade phase change liquid. . Improves cooler‚„s ice retention by keeping the ice cooler for longer. . Shatter resistant. . Custom shape reduces freezing time. . 4 lb. size fits larger YETI coolers. . Measures 10.75 in. by 8 in. by 1.625 in.. . Weighs 4 lbs.. . Made in USA. .

  • Yeti 4 Lb. Ice

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