Woolrich Women’s Spoil Her Sleeveless Shirt – White – Size XL

Woolrich Women's Spoil Her Sleeveless Shirt - White - Size M

Woolrich Women’s Spoil Her Sleeveless Shirt – White – Size XL With a style perfect for Summer, the Spoil Her sleeveless shirt features seasonal plaid with fantastic shape retention and armholes designed to accentuate shoulders. 98% cotton, 2% spandex boulder-wash poplin. Reflex stretch. Bias details. Crochet trim. Shirt tail hem. Imported.

  • Woolrich Women’s Spoil Her Sleeveless Shirt – White – Size XL

Personal health and wellbeing for children have never been more important. Earlier this month, it was announced that a UK health authority1 would reserve the right to deny operations, to those who were obese, as a cost-cutting strategy. If these patients need an operation, they’d have to attend a weight management programme for six months in the hope to encourage them to take up a healthier lifestyle. Currently the NHS spends almost ?9 billion on patient care, specifically for those with weight-related illnesses it’s increasing each year.

Our recent Health Check Report2 revealed that a third (31%) of children aged 2-15 are overweight, however, parents believe only 9% of children are. This shows that some parents aren’t aware of how poor their child’s health could really be.

One way children can improve their overall health and wellbeing can be through the participation of outdoor activities. Professor Fred Coalter, of Sports Policy at the University of Stirling3 explained that “exercise can be effective in improving mental well-being via improved mood and physical self-perception.”