Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Rack

Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Rack

Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Rack Designed with whitewater kayakers in mind, The Stacker allows you to carry up to four shorter-length kayaks side by side atop your vehicle. The upper-bridge design on the two posts makes anchoring the kayaks easy. Quickdraw bow and stern ratchet tie downs included (no knots to tie!). . . . Includes security for one boat: one pair Quickdraw ratcheting tie downs, two straps, and buckle protectors. Set of two vertical posts – one mounts on the front load bar and one on the rear. Folds down when not in use. No tools required for setup. Thule base rack assembly sold separately. Replaces the 520 Kayak Stacker. Fits Thule, Yakima, and most factory-installed racks. Please consult the Thule Rack Finder to match the correct Thule parts with your vehicle

  • Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Rack

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