Sea To Summit Ultralight Sleeping Pad, Long  – Yellow

Sea To Summit Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Sea To Summit Ultralight Sleeping Pad, Long  – Yellow Giving you the lightest and smallest sleeping pad possible without compromising comfort, the Sea to Summit Ultralight Sleeping Pad is ideal for people who care about going light and fast, but still care about getting a good night’s sleep. Air Sprung Cells conform to your body, delivering more support and comfort than pads using tubes or baffles. Multifunction valve for fast and easy inflation/deflation and fine-tuning of air pressure. 40D nylon ripstop fabric offers the perfect balance between light weight and durability. TPU lamination delivers a better, more consistent bond, and virtually eliminates any issues with delaminating. Antimicrobial treatment is added to TPU to prevent any issues caused by warm, moist air trapped inside the mat. Insulation (R) value: 0.7; Number of Air Sprung Cells: 225; Thickness: 2 in. (5 cm). Includes a stuff sack and repair kit containing six self-adhesive patches and a spare silicone one-way valve flap.

  • Sea To Summit Ultralight Sleeping Pad, Long  – Yellow

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