Platypus 1L Meta Bottle, Complete – Black

Platypus 1L Meta Bottle

Platypus 1L Meta Bottle, Complete – Black As you head into the backcountry, make sure you€™ve got enough hydration without taking up too much space in your pack. The Meta bottle€™s flexible design delivers this and more, adapting to your needs with its compacted concept utilizing an impact-resistant top half and unbreakable lower portion. Together, these parts give you aftertaste-free drinking, simple disassembling for comprehensive cleaning, and filter-ready construction. Included here, the Microfilter attaches to remove bacteria and other microorganisms for safe and convenient water out on the trails.. . Bottle and cap are made out of a polypropylene/thermoplastic elastomer combination. BPA-, BPS-, and phthalates-free. Can be compacted down to half its size for convenient packing. Impact-resistant top half with an unbreakable yet flexible bottom half. Open leak-proof cap with half a turn. Fits most ice cubes. Convertible design lets you use the top half by itself as a mug and the bottom half alone as a drinking cup. Carry and secure bottle with a flexible cap lanyard. Complete system includes the Microfilter: Meeting EPA and NSF requirements, the filter removes 99.9999% Bacteria and 99.9% of Protozoa, including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Salmonella and CholeraTo use with filter: disassemble the bottle, scoop up water with lower half, close it, and drink. Microfilter filters up to 2L per minute and offers a lifetime of 1,000L. Unscrew both halves to easily clean. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Holds 34 fl. oz./1L. Weighs 6.9 oz. (170g). Measures 3.7 in. wide by 9.4 in. tall when assembled. Imported.

  • Platypus 1L Meta Bottle, Complete – Black

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