Panaracer Rigid Comet Tire, 29 X 2.1 In.

Panaracer Rigid Comet Tire

Panaracer Rigid Comet Tire, 29 X 2.1 In. Engineered with rounded profiles for optimized side-to-side control and narrow sides for enhanced speed, the Rigid Comet Tire delivers the performance you need to handle cross-country bike trips in hardpack conditions. . . . Bead: Ara/Stl. . Etro: 52-622. . Tpi: 60/30. . Weight: 600/730 g. . 29 x 2.1 in.. . Thick lug pattern offers traction. . Rounded profile for maximized control. .

  • Panaracer Rigid Comet Tire, 29 X 2.1 In.

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