La Sportiva Women’s Miura Vs Climbing Shoes – White – Size 35

La Sportiva Women's Miura Vs Climbing Shoes - White - Size 38

La Sportiva Women’s Miura Vs Climbing Shoes – White – Size 35 For climbers that demand the highest level of small foothold performance from their climbing footwear. The La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoes excel at hard rock climbing, power edging, and pockets. Full eight-panel Dentex-lined upper for unsurpassed fit and comfort. Hook-and-loop closure for an absolute precision fit in an instant. 4 mm Vibram XS Grip2 rubber for unparalleled grip. Dynamic slingshot heel band focuses power to the toe box. Permanent Power Platform (P3) keeps power down on slopers and in pockets. Offset asymmetrical toe box places power and energy under the big toe, creating an inside-edge sweet spot. Slip-lasted construction. 1.1 mm Laspoflex midsole (forefoot only).

  • La Sportiva Women’s Miura Vs Climbing Shoes – White – Size 35

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