Fischer Bcx 675 Ski Boots – Black

Fischer Bcx 675 Ski Boots - Black

Fischer Bcx 675 Ski Boots – Black A stable backcountry model, the BCX 675 is ideally suited to extensive tours through demanding terrain. Vibram soles prevent slipping and the ergonomic molded cuff delivers remarkable side hold with the freedom to move front and back. . . . Treated genuine leather upper. . Stiff sole flex. . Easy entry loops and wide opening design. . Hinged polymer cuff with adjustable Velcro fastener. . Injected exterior heel cap provides great heel cradling, robust protection, and greater power transfer. . Heel fit strap for individual heel width setting. . Zippered lace cover for additional protection. . Wool blend lining keeps your feet warm without also feeling moist. . Insoles treated with Cleansport NXT to fight odors. . Sport Fit Concept utilizes a comfortable last for all-around use. . Vibram 75 sole adds support with non-slip profile. . Compatible with 3-Pin bindings. . Weight: 1050g (size 42). .

  • Fischer Bcx 675 Ski Boots – Black

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