Dr. Cool Wrap, Large – Black

Dr. Cool Wrap

Dr. Cool Wrap, Large – Black A Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go Wrap will help you get better without slowing down. When frozen, this flexible wrap combines ice and compression to reduce swelling and speed recovery during or after activity. Or, use it dry as a compression wrap to support and protect various body parts during activities. . Ideal for thigh, shoulder, back. Large wrap measures: 6 x 50 in.. Approximate freeze times: Flat (20 minutes); Rolled (45 minutes). Coolcore fabric keeps the wrap cooler, longer and works without nasty chemicals, so the cooling benefits last the life of the product. Dr. Cool wrap is like a bag of ice woven into a bandage–minus the mess and the traditional beige bandage material. Take it with you for recovery on the go: Rolls up small so its ready when you need it—on your hiking, biking, climbing, and paddling adventures; at work or the gym. Wrap it however you like: Use it anywhere that needs some cold therapy or as a supportive compression strap. Care: Prewash before use in cold water and make sure the Velcro is attached; tumble dry low; do not use fabric softeners or bleach. For extended time in the freezer, place wrap in a plastic freezer bag to avoid evaporation

  • Dr. Cool Wrap, Large – Black

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